Need of Trade Show Booths for Personalized Marketing

Despite the rapid strides in online marketing, face-to-face marketing is as important today as it was decades back. Nothing works better when it comes to building sustainable brand power than direct communication with customers. Face-to-face communication at trade shows is a critical marketing tool that provides user information, generates sales leads and drives revenues.

Organizing trade shows is an excellent way of creating a platform for direct marketing and for making an impact through brand display. Still, it can be quite challenging to guarantee success at trade events as budget constraints and pressure to generate more return on investment need to be juggled simultaneously. In order to resolve these issues, hiring a service provider is perhaps the most feasible way to go. A leading service provider is likely to specialize in all kinds of trade show booth services.

Partnering with an experienced trade show firm will help an organization find solutions with an increased focus on creativity and personalization. They will also take into account an organization’s brand vision and try to showcase it in an effective way with their state-of-the-art resources and high level of skills.

Trade Show Design and Display

The first step in building a great trade show design and display is to develop a partnership with the service provider. The organization hired for managing a trade event should get insight into the entire business process, the products on offer and other key areas. Being completely in tune with a business, they should be able to create a booth design that can project the essence of a brand.

In order to design trade show display that is not just superficially attractive, but portrays a brand in the best possible way, an experienced service provider follows a structured process. Besides ideation, this process also includes effective booth staff training where a company’s employees learn to engage and identify visitors to sell in a subtle manner. The aim of this process is to help organizations accelerate their journey to achieve the business objectives, whether it is increasing market share, generating higher revenues or creating a niche.

Stepwise Progression for Trade Show Design

In the first step during the trade show process, a service provider develops partnership with the relevant business and gets to know about its products or services.

The next step is building an idea based on the company’s brand vision and specific objectives that they want to fulfill through the exhibit. In this context, the booth design needs to be creative and functional.

Based on the initial discussions, a detailed design blueprint is presented with graphical illustration. The exhibiting company then needs to provide feedback considering that each and every aspect of the display meets their needs being in line with their overall marketing strategy. The service provider coordinates with the company’s marketing department closely to ensure that the design looks just the way that it should be.

After the design is finalized, the next step is to implement the idea by choosing ideal display materials. Single or double deck booths, booths aligned with motion graphics features, incorporating top quality structural elements etc. are some of the ways to make an effective booth design. Trade show booth services offered by a leading service provider can help you find the most suitable booth design solution without worry.

Take a Day to Organize Your Finances

If you’re like most people, you periodically set aside time to clean out your home, garage or closets. It’s equally as important to take time to organize your finances. The following checklist can help you get started:

· Cancel unused credit cards – If you’re paying an annual fee on a credit card or other account that you don’t use, you’re throwing money away. So, cash in any rewards points you have earned and then cancel the account. Of course, take into consideration whether canceling the card will negatively affect your credit rating.

· Cancel unused memberships – If a new at-home exercise routine has replaced your trips to the health club or gym, or if you’re no longer playing golf at a course you belong to, consider canceling your membership. Even if you have to pay a fee, you may quickly recoup your financial losses.

· Consolidate accounts – You don’t necessarily need multiple checking, savings, investment, retirement or credit card accounts, yet many people maintain them – often because it takes extra time up-front to consolidate. Maintaining numerous accounts can increase the amount of time you spend opening mail, reconciling statements, keeping records and paying bills. When it comes to credit, you may also earn more rewards if you stick to one or two cards.

· Negotiate better deals with your service providers – Whether it’s your cable, Internet or waste removal company, chances are you can negotiate a better rate. Simply take time to get quotes from competitors. If they are offering lower rates for the same services, go back to your service provider to see if they will price match to keep your business. If not, switch to someone new.

· Update your financial records – Make a list of your current financial accounts, contacts and passwords. Keep this information in a safe and secure place.

· Update your beneficiary designations – Your beneficiary designations override your will. So, if you’ve experienced a marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or death, make sure your beneficiary designations reflect your wishes.

· Review your home and auto insurance coverage – Make sure your coverage reflects your present needs. Also, price shop the same coverage with different providers. Whether you switch to a new provider or use this information to strike a deal with your current provider, you could save a significant amount.

· Simplify your investments – If tracking various investments is stressing you out, consider asset allocation or managed accounts. Attempting to manage and track too many investment accounts can require a great deal of time and, if you’re not on top of the details, can prevent you making the best investment choices for your portfolio. Consider working with a financial professional to help you organize your finances and help you determine what kinds of investments might work best for you.

Consult your financial advisor for more ideas and strategies on ways you can save.

Challenges Facing Tradespeople and Small Businesses

For some, being in the trades is just a job and a means to an end. For others, it’s a calling – a part of their very existence. Some tradespeople hold themselves to the highest of standards and hold true to the things they believe and care about. The challenge for any homeowner is to find a tradesperson who cares about and loves what they do – a tradesperson who is professional in appearance and in how he or she conducts business.

According to a recent survey, 58% of homeowners say they find it difficult to find a tradesperson they trust to help with either home repairs or improvements. Women are more likely to find it “very difficult” to find a tradesperson they trust to help with home repairs or improvements. In the United Kingdom alone, almost £2 billion a year is spent to repair botched jobs by tradespeople who were not qualified to do the work.

Although there are many trustworthy tradespeople throughout the world, why do so many homeowners experience difficulty finding an honest, reliable, professional tradesperson? The answer is not easy, but I will attempt to share my experience and opinion.

I have over 30 years experience as a tradesman, with experience in; building construction, plumbing, tiling, plastering and decorating. As a young man, I enjoyed going to school, but my focus was always on earning a living and raising a family. As a result, I decided to leave home during my late teenage years to attempt to make my mark on the world. Once out there, although I had good work-ethics, I found it difficult to land a good job because I did not possess the ‘qualifications’ required, nor did I have a University degree. Consequently, the only jobs available to me were labor jobs or working at a convenience store. Fortunately, I found a tradesman who hired me and jump-started my career by teaching me how to lay tile. From that point, I learned the building, plumbing, plastering and decorating trades.

Most Schools are under pressure to keep kids in the classroom until they graduate. Unfortunately, there are many youngsters who are either not academically inclined and have difficulty with studies, or for one reason or another have become a disruption to classmates. As a result, more Schools are forming a Department called, “Alternative Provision,” or “Alternative Learning.” This is where many non-academic and/or disruptive children are finding themselves.

Alternative Provisional children are exposed to alternative forms of learning such as, the Work-Study Program. Here is where youngsters can apply to a Trades School or College, and they can experience on-the-job training doing such things as; working in the trades, learning how to be a beautician, and other fields that may not require a University degree. Thus, we have an abundance of youngsters becoming tradespeople because they cannot find gainful, employment due to the lack of a University degree or another specialized training.

There are many people who are in the trades because ‘it’s the only thing they can do,’ or because it’s the only thing they are qualified to do. I believe most tradespeople want to do a good job and take pride in their work. The challenge is, many tradespeople do not possess the skills to set themselves apart from the rest. They are not good Business people. I have listed some ways tradespeople fall short of a professional, high quality standard that will deliver positive outcomes in their business:

• They write estimates on a napkin or piece of dirty paper

• They show up to appointments late and are not dressed in an appropriate manner

• They forget to send out invoices or forget to follow up on outstanding invoices

• They do not schedule their time efficiently and live a, ‘feast or famine’ existence

• They do not provide clean, professional customer estimates and invoices, nor do they have systems to track them

• They do not manage conversations with customers. A customer may say one thing today, and another thing tomorrow. If you do not have record of that conversation, the job will turn into confusion and become a ‘he said-she said’ challenge

• They do not carefully manage their time and miss or forget to respond to customer calls

• They do not have systems in place to maintain an accurate customer base

• They find themselves having to “chase customers” for payment

• They do not have a Professional Presence

The list can go on and on, but I think you get the picture…

Life is good when you’re working. However, there always comes the time when you are not as busy as you would like. This is the time when many tradespeople begin to ask friends for work or they look into joining some website that promises to ‘send them leads.’ I have found these sites to be misleading because they do not address the real issue – helping tradespeople to become more reliable and professional!

These sites charge high fees but do not produce the goods. Let’s be honest; how can anyone refer a “Trusted Trader?” The only referral anyone can give is; “He has done a fantastic job for me, or I would never use him again.”

Unfortunately, this tends to be much like Trip Advisor, where a Hotel may receive high rating by someone, but your experience might be totally opposite…

The one thing any qualified, tradesperson can do is; become more professional at what you do!

I will address ways to become a more professional tradesperson, in my next article.

Is Payday Lending the Right Choice?

There are many people who find themselves in significant financial straits and do not know what to do about the situation. If such a person learns about payday loans through an online search or by driving past a storefront with a sign advertising this type of loan, a quick decision to pursue this type of getting fast money might be made. It is a frequent occurrence that a person applies for this type of loan without doing due diligence about the negative consequences. Local Credit Unions would recommend that other sources of obtaining some financial relief. Prior to applying for a payday loan, one needs to learn the pertinent facts about the loan.


Most people are aware that any loan will have interest and require proof of income. However, one needs to know that the interest on a payday loan can come in at anywhere from 24 to 39% which adds up to a lot of money that one already doesn’t have available. Even if one lives in a state that has put a cap on payday loan interest rates, interest is still high. A person who gets this type of loan might not be able to pay it back on his/her next payday and extends the loan. When this situation occurs, interest fees have to be paid again. In addition, there are several high fee “administrative” fees for the loan that will have to be paid. It can happen that people who become involved with a payday loan find themselves seeking one payday loan to pay off another, the situation spirals out of control and financial ruin looms in the near future.


Those who get a loan fully intend to repay the debt. However, when one has a payday loan, it is to be paid by the next payday. However, one must remember that there are other bills to pay, food and gas to buy and the funds for the loan payment may not be there to repay the loan. For these reasons, one can become involved in a vicious cycle of trying to find more cash streams to meet all financial obligations. Such a cycle seems never ending until the outcome may have to be a bankruptcy filing. Declaring bankruptcy is something that most people want to avoid.

Dealing with the horrible cycle of debt will have an effect on the whole family. Worry becomes constant and the bill collection calls, letters and threats can result in overwhelming stress that can cause depression and other medical problems. Some people become unable to work and unable to take action or seek help to solve the financial problems. If people are fully informed about the negative ramifications of payday loans, they should be able to avoid this solution to lack of money.


Local Credit Unions would suggest that people having financial problems consider getting a low or no interest credit card that can be paid down gradually when household obligations are met. In addition, people should talk with representatives of local Credit Unions regarding any programs that they might offer that could help with family financial issues. Most of these agencies offer both secured and unsecured loan packages. In addition, one will find that payments and interest rates with credit unions are typically lower than with other financial institutions. It is in the best interest of anyone to avoid becoming involved with a payday loan and investigate the other avenues of procuring the needed money to assist with finances. There are viable alternatives to the highly advertised payday loan.